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SnowPlus Pre-Filled Pods

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SnowPlus pods are pre-filled ceramic pods that are designed for both SnowPlus Pro and SnowPlus Lite devices. SnowPlus pods endure a 28-point test, ensuring a superior leak-free vaping experience in any environment for adult smokers. With more e-liquid per pack than other brands, you will experience consistent, refreshing flavour with every big vapour puff without any guilt. Treat yourself to richer, bolder flavour that satisfies to the very last puff. SnowPlus Classic Pods are powered by a high-performance ceramic atomizer for rich, smooth flavour while our 4th generation double-seal technology radically minimizes leaks.
Flavour Profiles
Classic Tobacco
Deep, bold, and rich tobacco flavour with underlying notes of caramel and cocoa, and just the right touch of smokiness.
Prominent Flavours: Flavour-rich tobacco
A refreshing minty blast straight out of the arctic with just the right touch of fruity goodness.
Prominent Flavours: Cool, flavour-rich mint, hint of fruit
Sweet and tart at the same time, this citrus classic strikes a perfect satisfying balance.
Prominent Flavours: Sweet, cool, flavour-rich grapefruit
Please Note: These pods are compatible with both the SnowPlus Pro and SnowPlus Lite devices

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